Select-A-Pilot Service

   Bringing Pilots and Customers together    Australia wide

COMPANIES - Need a Pilot anywhere in Australia?

  • View our database of Pilots for their location and availability even when they are traveling with or without a load anywhere in Australia
  • Pilots and Transporters have direct contact for negotiating their services and rates
  • Pilots used on a regular basis can be placed on a preferred list for instant viewing
  • NO OBLIGATION - view registered Pilots from ALL STATES  - REGISTER NOW

Select-A-Pilot Service

   Bringing Pilots and Customers together    Australia wide

PILOTS - Advertise your services and availability

  • Increase your clientele and income
  • Advertise your location and availability daily
  • Show your destination when traveling loaded or empty to capture the next available job
  • Manage your own details and much more
  • ******  SPECIAL OFFER  ******                *** FREE 2 MONTH TRIAL ***
  • Advertise your services for $20.00 a month  REGISTER NOW and take advantage of the FREE TRIAL OFFER

Select-A-Pilot Service

Select-A-Pilot Service offers a new and unique service to Transport Companies and Owner Operators transporting Oversize Loads.  Used as an additional means by which to acquire the services of Pilots throughout Australia it is designed not only as a database for Pilots to be able to advertise their services, location and availability but also as a valuable tracking device.  Pilots travelling can show where they are travelling to with or without a load, expected ETA and where they are based giving them the ability to acquire the next job whilst in transit.  Pilots are contacted direct for their services.  Pilots used on a regular basis can be placed on a Preferred Pilots list.  This list instantly appears at the top of the Search page for viewing eliminating the need to search for them individually.  Pilots can provide as much information as they want to assist Companies.

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Transport Companies and Owner Operators needing the services of Pilots can be provided with additional information such as - unavailable and the date when next available.  Pilots manage their own details and can update their information at anytime for instant viewing e.g. cancellation of job - now available.  Pilots travelling within their state or interstate can easily be contacted when that unexpected job arises, helping to eliminate the time consuming ring around.  Pilots working in localized areas only can also advertise their services.  Our aim is to give Companies and Pilots the ability to have one on one contact to get the job done For inquiries - email via Contact page.



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Whether you work only locally to where you are based, travel only within your state or travel interstate you can advertise your services, job preferences, availability and much more on a daily basis. Should your circumstances change - e.g. job cancellation - you can change your availability instantly.  When you travel within your state or interstate (with or without a load) you can be tracked by showing your destination and ETA giving you have a greater chance of capturing the next job whilst in transit or on arrival.  If you choose to stay at a location till the next job arises - e.g. travelled interstate - this also can be shown helping to eliminate the endless ringing around or relying on chance.  If you are unavailable - e.g. due to ongoing work or taking leave - you can show from what date you are available for advanced bookings. All information and advertising of your services is managed by you and can be updated anytime as your availability etc. changes - updates are instantaneous giving you the ability to have an office online.  Customers that have you on their Preferred Pilots list can view your availability instantly when they log into the Search page as this list appears at the top. For inquiries - email via Contact page. 


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