FAQ by Pilots

Are there any other charges for the use of the website besides the annual registration?  


What involvement does Select-A-Pilot have once I am contacted and booked by a Company?  

NONE - You negotiate rates and all aspects of the job one on one and bill the company direct.

Who can view my details?  

ONLY registered Transport Companies.

How much personal information can the Company view?  

Whilst certain information is required for registration purposes only name - contact number and base is visible - as well as all the work related information and tracking.

How often can I update my details?  

Whenever necessary e.g. daily or several times a day.  You can provide as much information as you choose as well as be tracked on distance jobs whether you are travelling with or without a load.  If your circumstances suddenly change e.g. job cancelled - updating is instantaneous.

Can I upload pictures etc. to advertise my services?  

NO - but if you have a webpage it can be included on the Links page and the link can be shown on your Details section.

Is the website hard to use - I have limited computer experience?   

The website is designed very user friendly with prompts etc. and is very easy to follow and use.  When you register Instructions & Helpful Hints will be provided.

How many Companies can put me on their Preferred Pilots list? 

Numerous - there is no limit.

If I am on a Companies Preferred Pilots list can other Companies still see my details and availability? 

YES - you are always on the Search page with all other Pilots even if you have listed yourself as being unavailable - this is indicated in a box next to your name.  The only difference is that when a Company views the Search page - their Preferred Pilots list automatically appear at the top of the page so that they do not need to Search for those Pilots individually.

For any further inquiries or information - Email via the Contacts page.